Cosmetic Surgery Chicago

Cosmetic surgery involves the use of surgical and non-surgical procedures to reshape and remodel the body structure of a person. Cosmetic surgery is used to enhance one’s appearance and to boost the confidence level. From arm lift, body contouring, body lift, thigh lift, to tummy tuck - there are a variety of procedures offered to help you improve your looks.

Dr. Speron Plastic Surgery helps you improve your self-esteem with the aid of any of the following surgeries:

    1. Arm lift Brachioplasty, commonly known as arm lift, is done to cut the extra fat on the skin between your underarm and elbow.
    2. Body contouring After major weight loss, your skin usually starts sagging. As a result, it becomes necessary to get rid of the flabby fat to help get a toned body. Body contouring can be done to get you into a more proportional shape after you’ve lost excessive weight.
    3. Body lift As people age or lose excessive weight, the body tends to look different as the underlying tissue supporting your fat and skin loses its flexibility. Body lift helps you improve the shape of your body by removing excess skin and fat.
    4. Thigh lift Thigh lift helps you remove the extra skin & fat and offers better-proportioned contours of the lower part of your body.
    5. Tummy tuck Tummy tuck, commonly known as abdominoplasty, is a procedure that removes the excessive abdominal skin and fat while repairing the weakened or damaged muscles. It is also done to help rejuvenate your abdomen so it looks more proportional to your weight, height and the overall appearance.

Dr. Speron is a renowned cosmetic surgery specialist in Chicago who strives to offer the best care to all the patients. Dr. Speron Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic surgery center in Chicago with state-of-the-art surgical facilities, latest equipment and qualified surgeons to perform cosmetic surgery in all areas of your body. Contact us to get specialized consultation for your paticular body type and to learn about our prices and financing options.