Our Philosophy

Wanting to spend time with his patients and build a long-lasting relationship with them, Dr. Speron decided to start his own practice. This is what you can expect from Dr. Speron and his staff:

  • Friendly and expert health-care
  • Advanced medical technology
  • Understandable information about procedures and tests
  • Appointments that meet your needs
  • A staff that respects your time
  • Answers to your questions and concerns
  • An enthusiasm to treat you as an individual

    These are the high expectations Dr. Speron and his staff will strive to meet every day..

    Message To My Plastic Surgery Patients

    As patient and physician, ours is more than a relationship; it's a partnership. A partnership is based on mutual trust and confidence. I want to ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment that's best and most satisfactory for you.

    To give you the best, most thorough care possible, I need some things from you:

    • Communication: If you don't understand what I'm telling you, if you don't understand a treatment, prescription instructions, or my diagnosis, tell me. If I explain again and it's still not clear, say so. With a complex topic, sometimes it takes two or three explanations to clarify all the details. I'm willing to explain as many times as needed; I simply need you to remind me.
    • Clarification: Tell me what you need to know about your condition. If I've told you to take it easy until your condition improves, and you want to know if you can go to work, watch television, or go shopping, ask.
    • Satisfaction: Be sure you're comfortable with what I've recommended, and if you're not, tell me. We can discuss alternatives, or, if there are no options, I’ll try to do a better job of making you feel more at ease and explaining the choices you face.
    • Understanding: Understand that medicine is a science, but it's also an art. Doctors don't always have the perfect, no-questions-asked diagnosis, treatment, or cure. I'll use my knowledge to evaluate your condition. I can do a better job of treating you if you will keep me informed, ask me questions, and give me honest, complete information about your medical history and current symptoms or problems.
    • Information: Tell me or one of my staff when something is troubling you, whether it's that my front door is difficult to open, that one of us was short-tempered with you, or that the prescription I gave you doesn't seem to be working. If I know when you're unhappy or not fully satisfied, I can do something about it. If you keep it to yourself, I'll never know -- and sometimes the information you keep to yourself may affect the course of your treatment or recovery.

    In return for your involvement and communication, I promise I'll communicate with you. I believe the result will be a better medicine and a stronger relationship.

    What is the goal of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

    As medical technologies have boomed over the past two decades, plastic surgery has made incredible advances both in reconstructing accidental injuries and congenital deformities, and in helping erase the marks, wrinkles and sags of encroaching age. Whether it’s changing a portion of the body to make it look normal or improving a “normal” facet of the body to make it look even more aesthetically pleasing, the goal of the plastic surgeon is to help the patient look good and feel good about him or herself.

    Please feel free to check out Dr. Speron's professional CV, which details his training and certifications. Click Here