Chicago Laser Mole Removal

Dr Speron has a tremendous amount of experience with Laser Mole Removal in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. It is one of the services most commonly performed at his office. He is able to offer all types of options to his patients:

  • he performs all the various mole removal procedures including minimally invasive and no-scar approaches
  • he uses all types of laser mole removal techniques
  • all mole removal services are offered in an office setting, meaning there are no hospital or surgery center visits
  • insurance can sometimes cover the procedure costs, even if your mole is not cancerous

What is a pigmented lesion?
A pigmented lesion is a raised or flat spot on the skin which is brownish, blue-black or tan in color. It appears as a mole, freckle, sunspot, birthmark or aging spot.

How does Laser Mole Removal work?
Laser Mole removal invovles releasing laser light energy to the targeted area. The Laser light energy is absorbed only by the pigment in the skin. The pigment is broken up and then "carried away" by the body and absorbed during the healing process.

How many laser mole treatments are required?
Most aging spots, sunspots and flat moles can be removed with a single treatment. Repeat treatments may be required for certain birthmarks and moles (nevi) due to the depth of pigment. Most patients receive around three laser mole removal sessions.

What happens after laser mole treatment?
Immediately after treatment, the area usually turns darker. This fades very quickly and the mole seems to "fall off" after 4-7 days. Makeup can be worn the same day and sunscreen is recommended for six weeks following treatment.

Is laser mole removal safe?
The IPL laser has been used successfully for years. The risk of scarring is typically less than 1%.

Are there treatment alternatives to laser mole removal?
Yes, (e.g. liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole, cautery to burn the mole, surgical mole removal, mole shaving) but none are as effective and the risk of scarring is greater. In addition, they may not be feasible to diffuse extensive lesions (e.g. nevi and birthmarks).

How much does laser mole removal cost?
Charges are based upon the duration of time required for treatment and will depend on the number of pulses, treatments and the size of the area. Treatments start as low as $50 per mole per treatment.

Are there are any other options other than laser mole removal?
Yes, some people can use skin lighteners or bleaching agents to help eliminate or fade away moles. Of course, skin care creams are not recommend if your mole is suspicious in any way! Of all of the physician-strength skin care options, the one that we recommend the most is neaclear® Liquid Oxygen Facial Pigment Control. The Key Benefits are:

  • helps control skin's pigmentation.
  • gradual bleaching.
  • contains hydroquinone 4% which corrects bothersome hyper pigmentation such as freckles, melasma, chloasma, senile lentigines and liver spots.
  • easy to apply and quick absorbing.
  • can use on face or body.

Remember, hyperpigmentation can occur due to sun-damage, genetics, hormonal imbalances, pregnancies or medications. melanocytes (pigment cells) can become over stimulated and thus pigmentation increases. Facial pigment control corrects bothersome unwanted areas of hyper pigmentation such as freckles, melasma, chloasma, senile lentigines and liver spots. Hydroquinone suppresses pigmentation in order to lighten the hyperpigmented areas. When using Hydroquinone, it is important to stay out of the sun for the treatment to work. Always wear full spectrum sun block and a hat and try to avoid sun exposure between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

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