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Sunburn is the result of not using proper skin protection while sunbathing or even from routine sun exposure. The skin becomes red, tender and swollen. You may have a stinging sensation and blistering may occur. Some people even get a low grade fever. The skin will eventually shed or peel, once the skin underneath has renewed itself.


  • Excessive exposure to sunlight will cause irreversible skin damage.
  • People who get sunburn have an increased risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. Each new sun burn increases the risk a little more.
  • Melanoma skin cancer is very dangerous because it can spread quickly, affecting the internal organs and result in death.

    A medicine called Indocin if taken soon after a sunburn will help reduce the pain, redness and swelling. Indocin is available from your doctor with a prescription.

    Cold creams and moisturizers will help reduce the pain associated with sunburn. Vitamin C cream applied to the skin will help decrease the severity of a sunburn.

    Sun damage is permanent and irreversible. You should put on sun-screen or moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher everyday before leaving the house. Don't go overboard and try to avoid the sun completely.

    Sun exposure and sunbathing produce gradual skin damage even if sunburn is avoided. Ten to forty years can pass between the time of sun exposure and the time the skin shows signs of sun damage.

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