Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery Chicago

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is usually performed to correct the irregular structures or defects in a person. It can be due to bad cosmetic surgery, congenital defects, distress, developmental abnormalities, tumors, infection or any illness. Reconstructive procedures are executed to improve the body functions and appearance. This type of surgery is usually covered under most of the health insurance policies, though the levels of coverage may differ.

Dr. Speron Plastic Surgery offers highly reliable and result oriented reconstructive cosmetic surgery in Chicago. Here are some of the reconstructive procedures that we perform:

    1. Breast reconstruction Breast reconstruction helps women regain their self-confidence. Our reconstructive surgeons use various techniques to reinstate a breast to proximate normal shape, size and appearance using mastectomy.
    2. Breast reduction If you are worried about your oversized breast, then breast reduction may help you. Reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction is the process of removing the extra fat on your breast, glandular tissue and skin to proportionate the size of your breast. The newer short scar procedures are popular because they result in much shorter scars and better long-term projection.
    3. Hand surgery Hand surgery helps you restore the proper functioning of your wrist and fingers and ensures that you regain the flexibility. This reconstructive surgery is done to bring back the strength of your hand and fights against the illness that causes pain.
    4. Scar modification Scars can be unwanted, ugly, uneven or irregular patches that can be seen even after a wound has been healed properly. From highly noticeable scars or those minor marks, the size, type and appearance may vary. Scar modification is a type of reconstructive cosmetic surgery that helps you minimize a scar to match your skin tone and texture. Sometimes, scars can be made much smaller or oriented in different ways to be less obvious.
    5. Skin cancer Skin lesions and cancerous areas of your skin can be removed with the aid of special plastic cosmetic surgery techniques.

At Dr. Speron Plastic Surgery, we adopt requisite reconstructive procedures to reclaim your shape and confidence. Contact us to reach our specialized surgeons.